Little Bright Lights
Children’s clinic for support with verbal or behavioral challenges and autism. Your child’s development is our passion.

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About Us

Clinic Little Bright Lights specializes in the development of children between 2 and 12 years old. Our first goal is to manage challenging behaviors that are intrusive to a child’s quality of life, such as tantruming, opposition, inattention, hyperactivity, violence and aggression. Our second goal is to promote their acquisition of skills across the domains of communication, language, socialization, autonomy, feeding, toilet training, play and academics with which they are currently behind. Many of our learners have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but we work with any child (including those with a diagnosis other than ADS or no diagnosis at all) who can benefit from our services, including those who only need help with language stimulation, behavior management or tutoring.

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P: (450) 963-7173

332-C Chemin De La Grande Côte
Rosemere, J7A 1K3

H: Monday to Sunday: 8:30-5:00